Terms and Conditions for #GetReal Mobile Campaign

Terms and Conditions of #GetReal Mobile Campaign provided by Gorilla Mobile Singapore Pte. Ltd. (“Gorilla Mobile“ or “Gorilla”).

  1. #GetReal Mobile Campaign Period

The #GetReal Mobile Campaign organised by Gorilla Mobile starts from 15th October 2021 and ends on 31st March 2022 at 2359 pm. Gorilla Mobile may change these dates or adjust the rewards at its sole and absolute discretion.

  1. Eligibility

  1. Applicants are to successfully complete purchase of a Switch25 or Switch45 plan under Corporate Individual Scheme plan (CIS) or Corporate Plan with Gorilla Mobile. 

  1. Unless otherwise stated, Applicants must have Singpass MyInfo to sign up for CIS plan or Corporate plan.

  1. Unless otherwise stated, Applicants must be 18 years old and above to participate in this campaign.

  1. Unless otherwise stated, only Applicants with the following ID/Passes can participate for this campaign:
        i.  Singapore Citizen
        ii . Permanent Resident (PR)
        iii. S Pass/ Employment Pass/ EntrePass/ Personalised Employment Pass

  1. CIS Applicants can only obtain a maximum of 5 mobile numbers, and can receive 5 corresponding #GetReal Mobile rewards under their name. Gorilla reserves the right to change this maximum at any time at its sole and absolute discretion.

  1. Corporate Applicants will be subject to a different maximum, as laid out in the separate agreements and arrangements made with Gorilla Mobile

  1. SIM Cards must be activated within 10 days from the receiving date. 

  1. Applicants must successfully fulfill all of the below conditions to be eligible for rewards:

    1. Complete registration on the Gorilla GO app

    2. Request a SIM card from the #GetReal website or in-app

    3. Complete a SIM activation and successful Switch25 or Switch45 plan purchase on the Gorilla GO app

    4. Select the type of instant bonus voucher during the activation process; the voucher will be disbursed in-app upon completion of SIM activation

  1. Campaign Mechanics

To take part in the Campaign:- 

  1. Visit the Campaign page [ ].

  2. Request a SIM card from the #GetReal website or in-app

  3. Upon successful Sign-up for SIM, Gorilla Mobile will send the SIM Card to you via postage or courier

  4. Upon receiving the SIM Card, proceed to activate via the app

  5. Upon successful completion of Sign-up, Applicants will receive their electronic voucher(s) in the Gorilla GO app. 

  6. #GetReal Rewards is a promotional offer for this launch campaign. The reward may be withdrawn or adjusted according to the discretion of the company.


  1. Instant bonus vouchers will consist of the following:
    – $25 worth of eVouchers for successful purchase of a Switch25 plan

– $45 worth of eVouchers for successful purchase of a Switch45 plan

  1. The type and denomination of eVouchers offered as rewards may be subject to change at Gorilla Mobile’s sole and absolute discretion

  2. Individual terms and conditions apply for all eVoucher rewards, and are separate from the terms and conditions laid out by Gorilla Mobile

    1. These terms and conditions come from the participating partners that provide the eVouchers and are subject to any changes per the discretion of the partner(s) without notice

  3. Each eVoucher is subject to its own period of validity as stated on the eVoucher itself, with strictly no refunds, exchanges or extensions

  4. Any other Terms and Conditions

  5. Gorilla Mobile is not liable for any penalties incurred from contractual terms.

  6. Any outstanding bills or other issues that prevent number porting may result in delays or disqualification.

  7. Gorilla Mobile reserves the rights to:-
        (i) delay transactions, rewards & deliveries at our discretion due to overwhelming
        (ii) extend or shorten the campaign period.
        (iii) to reject applications if required information or data is missing or invalid.

  8. Switch25 and Switch45 are no contract SIM-only plans where Applicants may cancel the service any time.

  9. Individuals are liable for additional fees and charges for multiple deliveries due to inaccurate information provided.

  10. During the period of the campaign and as long as you are using Gorilla Mobile Service, payment details (Credit Card Info) should be saved in the app for recurring charges for the monthly bills.

  11. These terms and conditions, including campaign dates and amount of rewards, are subject to change by Gorilla Mobile in its sole and absolute discretion. Gorilla Mobile shall not be held liable for any fees, penalties or other amounts which may be incurred in connection with Applicant’s mobile number port-in.