Enjoy a Smarter and Fairer Mobile Plan!

SwitchBack unused mobile data for:

eVouchers up to $15 of your choice every month
+more coming soon!
Offset your bills up to $15/mth
Redeem Travel Roaming plans or IDD call minutes
Share with your buddies and family.

Corporate Individual Plan (CIS)

Working professionals aged 18 years and above.

Best For:

PMETs, small business owners, freelancers, self-employed individuals.

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Single Users

earth icon

Frequent Travelers

data sharing icon

Team Data Sharing

map icon

Office/Home Working

Low/moderate local mobile data users, connected to WiFi 70-80% of the time.

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Corporate Business Plan (SME)

All Singapore registered companies

Best For:

Startups, small businesses, regional teams, fast growing companies in Asia.

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2-250 People

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Frequent Travelers

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Team Data Sharing

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Office/Home Working

Full suite of digital mobile communications services. Work from home/office/anywhere.

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Mobile Plans

Group 41850@2x
Group 41852@2x
Gorilla Switch25 / Switch45 Comparison

Our Universal Share and Unlimited Share feature allows you to combine your GO Tokens with your buddies and family
to get more value -$50/$100/$200 eVouchers every month!

Get Real Tangible Benefits with Gorilla Mobile

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for BONUS eVouchers up to $45 of your choice!

Shell, Cold Storage, Grab, Shopee + more coming!

The Traditional Method

Stuck in a rigid monthly plan? We understand! The traditional billing model forces users to predict their use in advance and pay a fixed amount per month.

In most cases, you lose what any unused data you don’t use., but end up paying for it anyway as it’s part of “the contract”. This is relatable for everyone who has a mobile phone with a data plan.
The promises of rollover data with a catch that your extra data expires if you don’t use it is a thing of the past for telcos. That’s not how it works with Gorilla.

The Gorilla

Service-on-Demand Model

Move beyond customization or “flexible subscriptions”. Service-on-demand is the new normal. Pay only what you use when you use it.
With Gorilla, you only pay for what you use.
Unlike other telcos, Gorilla will not charge a rigid rate per month, we charge you ONLY for what you use.
This means no more bloated contracts. No more wasting money on unused services every month.

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Download GorillaGO app to select Switch25 or Switch45


Port-in your number or get
a new number on the app


Receive up to $45 worth of eVouchers instantly!
*For all New Mobile Number or Port-in Number sign ups from 1st October 2021
to 31st March 2022, subject to availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s the difference between Gorilla Mobile and my current telco?

    Gorilla is the next-generation telco, with a full suite of digital smart solutions for today’s global workforce. Our service-on-demand model and unique SwitchBack feature, powered by Blockchain, provides an unprecedented cutting-edge user experience.

  2. Why I should sign up for Gorilla’s Mobile Plans?

    Gorilla’s Switch25 .and Switch45 plans offer a full suite of smart mobile communication services for businesses and PMETs of today. Check out our Mobile Plans Page for more information

  3. What is Gorilla Service on Demand?

    Gorilla’s Service-On-Demand model offers our users 24/7 access to a full suite of services without additional subscription fees or activation charges. Services are simply always available.

    Move beyond customization or “flexible subscriptions”; pay only for what you use, when you use it.

  4. What is Gorilla SwitchBack?

    Pay only for what you need on your mobile plans, not what you think you might need.

    With SwitchBack, use your unused data to offset your bills, redeem other mobile services or simply share it with your co-workers and team members. You can even get various eVouchers with your Switchback!

  1. When is the Gorilla  #GetReal campaign?

    Promotion valid from 1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022, unless otherwise stated.

  2. How many numbers can I own during this campaign?

    Each individual is entitled to a maximum of 5 port-ins or new numbers connected to them

  3. I cannot port in my mobile number now. Can I sign up for a new number?

    You can sign up for new mobile numbers and Lucky numbers from Gorilla. All new customers regardless whether they port-in or sign up for a new number are eligible for #GetReal rewards, subject to our terms and conditions.

  4. How long does it take for me to get my SIM card?

    During our campaign, SIM cards are sent out by normal mail.

  5. How much is the SIM card delivery?

    SIM card delivery fees are waived for the campaign.

  6. Does Gorilla offer any self collection of SIM card?

    We are not able to offer any self collection of SIM cards due to the current Safe Distancing Measures.

  7. Does Gorilla offer e-SIM cards?

    Only physical SIM cards are available for the campaign. Please join our mailing list to stay updated.

  1. What is the Instant Bonus Reward?

    This is the bonus reward presented to you immediately upon successfully completing a SIM activation during the #GetReal campaign. This consists of eVouchers of your choosing, equal to $25 for new Switch25 users, and $45 for new Switch45 users.

  2. What is the eVoucher Swap?

    This is the new feature offered by Gorilla in our #GetReal campaign. This consists of eVouchers of your choosing, available for redemption via Gorilla GO tokens. Please stay tuned to our website and media channels for more details

  3. How do I obtain #GetReal Rewards?

    The #GetReal Instant Bonus Reward is available to all new sign-ups during the campaign period, while the eVoucher Swap feature is available to all Gorilla GO app users, regardless of whether they own a Gorilla SIM card.

  4. Are there any extra purchases I am agreeing to when getting the #GetReal Rewards?

    There are no extra purchases required.

  5. How many times can I receive the Instant Bonus Rewards?

    Each individual customer is entitled to a maximum of five (5) Instant Bonus Rewards as the each user is entitled to up to 5 mobile numbers.

  6. How will I receive my #GetReal Rewards?

    The rewards will be in the form of eVouchers, which will be disbursed to and managed in your Gorilla GO app account.

  7. I need more than 5 lines, where do I sign up?

    Please submit a request for a Corporate Account under the “For Businesses” page of our website. Our sales team will provide more details.

  8. Are Corporate Accounts eligible for #GetReal Rewards?

    All Corporate Accounts are eligible for Rewards, unless otherwise stated. Please email us for more details.

  1. Am I able to track the delivery status of my SIM card?

    Our SIM delivery is being done via normal postage, so we will not be able to provide tracking services. You will receive a confirmation email when your SIM has been sent for delivery

  2. What should I do if my tracking code is invalid or my delivery is lost in transit?

    Please contact us at https://gorillamobile.sg/contact, we will assist you as soon as we can!

  3. What SIM size is ideal for me?

    Our SIM cards can be adjusted to fit all common phone models, just adjust your SIM to the size you need when you receive it.

  4. Can I authorize someone to receive my ordered SIM card on my behalf?

    Our partners offer doorstep delivery, so there’s no need to authorize anyone! Your SIM card will be smoothly delivered even if you are out.

  5. Am I able to change my delivery address after I placed the order?

    Please contact us at https://gorillamobile.sg/contact and we will do what we can. Changes to delivery addresses must be done before 5pm on the day you request the SIM.

  6. I missed the delivery! What should I do?

    Please contact us at https://gorillamobile.sg/contact, we will assist you as soon as we can!

  7. The SIM card I received doesn’t work, what do I do?

    Please contact us at https://gorillamobile.sg/contact, we will assist you as soon as we can!

  1. Can I port-in my mobile share line/sub line too?

    Yes you can. However, please do find out your existing telco’s policy on share/sub lines.

  2. Can I port-in my prepaid phone number?

    Currently we do not support port-ins from prepaid numbers.

  3. I am currently on contract with a Telco, can I port to Gorilla Mobile later?

    Yes you can. However, please take into account the contractual obligations and fees with your existing telco. Alternatively, you can leave your details in our database and we may still offer you other attractive rewards.

  4. My phone doesnt work after porting in my number, what can I do?

    Your number may currently be in the process of being ported to Gorilla Mobile! With the SIM card we’ve delivered to you, you can receive and make calls on a temporary number until the porting is complete.

  5. How long will the porting of phone numbers take?

    The speed of number porting is dependent on your current telco, and can take between 1 – 5 business days. In the meantime, Gorilla will provide a temporary number with the SIM card delivered to you.

  6. Can I transfer my mobile number to other telcos in the future?

    Yes you can!

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