Terms and Conditions for #Rethink Mobile Campaign

Terms and Conditions of #Rethink Mobile Campaign provided by Gorilla Mobile Singapore Pte. Ltd.

(“Gorilla Mobile“).

  1. #Rethink Mobile Campaign Period

#Rethink Mobile Campaign organised by Gorilla Mobile starts from 18th June 2021 and ends on 18th August 2021 at 2359 pm. Gorilla Mobile may change these dates or adjust the rewards at its sole and absolute discretion.

  1. Eligibility
  1. Applicants are to port-in under Corporate Individual Scheme plan (CIS) or Corporate Plan with Gorilla Mobile.
  2. Applicants can port-in their Singapore mobile numbers from any existing telco operators to Gorilla Mobile.    
  3. Applicants must provide a valid Mar 2021 - May 2021 Singapore postpaid mobile phone bill.
  4. Applicants must have Singpass MyInfo to sign up for CIS plan or Corporate plan.
  5. Applicants must be 21 years old and above to participate in this campaign.
  6. Applicants with the following ID/Passes can participate for this campaign:
        i.  Singapore Citizen
        ii . Permanent Resident (PR)
        iii. S Pass/ Employment Pass/ EntrePass/ Personalised Employment Pass
  7. Applicants can only port in a maximum of 5 mobile numbers, and can receive 5 corresponding port-in #Rethink Mobile rewards under their name. Gorilla reserves the right to change this maximum at any time at its sole and absolute discretion.
  8. Upon successful port-in, the default Gorilla Mobile Service Plan is Switch25 plan.
  9. SIM Cards must be activated within 10 days from the receiving date. 
  10. Applicants must successfully fulfill all of the below conditions to be eligible for rewards:
    1. Sign-up on the Gorilla Mobile #Rethink campaign page
    2. Upload a valid Singapore postpaid mobile phone bill from March 2021 - May 2021
    3. Complete registration and SIM activation on the Gorilla Mobile app
    4. Complete a number port-in from their existing telco to Gorilla Mobile
  11. Campaign Mechanics

To take part in the Campaign:- 

  1. Visit the Campaign page [ https://www.gorillamobile.sg/rethink ].
  2. Enter the following :-

i.   Your name (as per NRIC/FIN), 

ii.  Mobile Number to port to Gorilla Mobile Service
iii. Upload your latest Telco bills. 

iv. Indicate your preference for reward: Cash or Vouchers

  1. Gorilla Mobile will inform you with the amount of Bill Difference Reward and a sign-up link after you provide the latest Telco bills.
  2. Upon receiving the sign up link, complete the sign-up and Gorilla Mobile will deliver the SIM Card to you the next day. 
  3. Upon receiving the SIM Card, proceed to activate and register via the app
  4. Upon successful completion of Sign-up and Port-in, Gorilla Mobile will send the Bill Difference Reward by Cash Rebate or vouchers. 
  5. Bill Difference refers to the price difference in SGD between Gorilla's SWITCH25 plan and the user's current existing postpaid mobile phone plan for a single number without any add-ons.
  6. Bill Difference Rewards is a promotional offer for the Prelaunch campaign. The reward may be withdrawn or adjusted according to the discretion of the company.
  7. Only postpaid mobile number bills from SingTel and GOMO, or Starhub and GIGA are eligible for full Bill Difference Rewards. Postpaid mobile bills from M1, MyRepublic and Circles.Life will be eligible for a flat $10 Bill Difference Reward regardless of the actual difference in bills.
  8. Bills must be dated between March 2021 to May 2021 and show the applicant's name as per NRIC/FIN. Applications with incomplete or invalid information will be rejected.
  9. Up to a maximum of $50 Bill Difference Reward is given out per mobile number port-in. Each NRIC/FIN may receive a maximum of 5 Bill Difference Rewards.
  10. For each user NRIC, only the first port-in for each unique mobile number will be considered for Bill Difference Rewards
  11. If the submitted bill is cheaper than Gorilla’s SWITCH25 plan, the Bill Difference Reward will be a flat $10.
  1. Any other Terms and Conditions
  2. Gorilla Mobile is not liable for any penalties incurred from contractual terms.
  1. Any outstanding bills or other issues that prevent number porting may result in delays or disqualification.
  1. Gorilla Mobile reserves the rights to:-
        (i) delay transactions, rewards & deliveries at our discretion due to overwhelming
        (ii) extend or shorten the campaign period.
        (iii) to reject applications if required information or data is missing or invalid.  
  2. Each reward given out is only ONCE per unique mobile number port-in, per NRIC/FIN.
  3. Switch25 is a no contract SIM-only plan where Applicants may cancel the service any time.  However, pre-launch applicants who successfully obtain the Bill Difference Rewards are subject to a 3 months no-termination contract
  4. Individuals are liable for additional fees and charges for multiple deliveries due to inaccurate information provided.
  5. During the period of the campaign and as long as you are using Gorilla Mobile Service, payment details (Credit Card Info) should be saved in the app for recurring charges for the monthly bills.
  6. The 3 months no-cancellation policy entails a commitment to three months of the Gorilla SWITCH25 plan. A lump sum charge of the remaining full months will be levied in the event of a cancellation during this time.
  7. These terms and conditions, including campaign dates and amount of rewards, are subject to change by Gorilla Mobile in its sole and absolute discretion. Gorilla Mobile shall not be held liable for any fees, penalties or other amounts which may be incurred in connection with Applicant’s mobile number port-in.