Specific Terms & Conditions for GORILLA’S Local Mobile Plans

Thank you for using Gorilla Mobile Local Mobile Plans (“Services”). The Services are provided by Gorilla Mobile Singapore Pte. Ltd. (Company Registration No: 202023071N)  (“Gorilla Mobile”, “Gorilla”), located at 33, Ubi Avenue 3, #02-10, Vertex, Singapore 408868 By using our Services, you are agreeing to these terms. Our Services will occasionally require additional terms of user information (including date of birth, gender, nationality, address, email, Company Name, mobile number requirements.) Unless required, supplementary terms may not be available within our Services, and those supplementary terms become part of your agreement with Gorilla Mobile if you use those Services. We use your personal data for service provision, marketing, security, and compliance. For information on how we use your personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy at [https://gorillamobile.sg/privacy-policy]. USING GORILLA MOBILE SINGAPORE SERVICES The following are Gorilla Mobile Singapore’s Services specific Terms & Conditions. By using the Services, or by providing personal data to us, you agree to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data in the manner described in this policy. In addition, if you have registered your telephone number with the national Do Not Call registry, we will not send you promotional and marketing messages via your telephone number unless you have provided us with the consent to do so.
  1. Gorilla GO Account for Gorilla Local Mobile Plans
  2. Gorilla eWallets, Payments Methods for Local Mobile Plans
  3. Gorilla GO Apps (Android/ iOS)
  4. Gorilla Local Mobile Plans Services
1.  Gorilla Go Account for Gorilla Local Mobile Plans By signing up for a Gorilla GO Account, you will be able to access Gorilla Local Mobile Plans and other Gorilla available communication services. You will be able to do the following:- – Sign Up for Gorilla Local Mobile Plans. – Pay your monthly recurring subscription for the Plans.  – Check usage of your Local Data, Talktime and SMS.– Buy Value Add Services (VAS) for extra Local Data, Talktime and SMS. – Any other Services that Local Mobile Plans can offer from time to time. i. Gorilla Go Account Holder
  1. When you subscribe to any of the contents, products, and services, including the different mobile related telecommunication, data services and packages available on the Gorilla Platforms, you are required to set up a user account with Gorilla GO Account (your “Account”).
  2. Account Sign Up should be carried out by the person applying to subscribe to the Gorilla GO Service (the “Account Holder”). Registration for a corporate entity can only be done by an authorized representative or the owner of the company.
  3. You may set up more than one Account. Each Account must be linked to a unique and active email address. These Terms and Conditions will apply to each Account that you hold.
ii. Account Information
  1. By registering an Account, you warrant that you have accurately entered all necessary information in the prescribed form (your “Account Information”).
  2. Once registered as an Account Holder, you agree to update any changes in your Account Information (as the case may be) as soon as possible.
  3. You agree to share personal information requested by Gorilla for the purposes of identity verification. You further authorise Gorilla to make inquiries, either directly or through third parties, that are deemed necessary to verify your identity or to protect you and/or Gorilla against any legal issues (such as financial crimes), and to take action as may be reasonably deemed necessary by Gorilla based on the results of such inquiries (including disclosure of such personal information to the relevant authorities/regulators/governmental agencies). Your information may be used specifically for the detection of money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, and the general abuse of Gorilla Services for use in conjunction with illegal activities.
  4. Gorilla will not be held responsible for any damages resulting from inaccurate or out of date Account Information.
  5.  If there is any reasonable doubt that any information provided by you is wrong, untruthful, falsified, outdated, or incomplete, Gorilla Mobile reserves the right to send you a notice to demand corrections, remove relevant information directly, and, as the case may be, to refuse registration of any Account Holder or terminate all or part of the Gorilla Services available to you.
iii. Managing your Account(s)
  1. Account Holders should be responsible for the security of their username, password, and backup retrieval process, and it is recommended that you change your password periodically to prevent unauthorised usage or theft of password by third parties. You are responsible for keeping your access credentials strictly confidential.
  2. An Account Holder who has signed in using his or her username and password will be deemed to have used the Gorilla GO Services, even if it was actually used by persons other than the Account Holder due to theft or unauthorised usage. Gorilla Mobile shall not be liable for any loss or damage including consequential losses arising out of such unauthorised usage or theft.
  3. Should you suspect that there has been unauthorised access to your Account, you are to notify Gorilla Mobile of the same via email (support@gorilla.global). Until such notice is received and processed (within 7 Business Days from date of receipt of notice) by Gorilla Mobile, you shall be responsible for any charges incurred using your Account, regardless of your knowledge or authorisation.
  4. You may not buy or sell your Account. Lending or giving a username and password to a third party, or sharing a username and password with a third party is also prohibited.
iv. Termination of Your Account(s)
  1. In the event that there has been a breach of these T&Cs, or due to any illegal or inappropriate use of the Gorilla Services, Gorilla reserves the right to suspend service without warning, or disable any and all of your Accounts. To the extent permissible under the law, Gorilla Mobile will not bear any responsibility for any resultant damages from such suspension, change of username and password, or disabling of the Account(s).
2. Gorilla e-Wallet, Payment Methods for Local Mobile Plans By signing up for the Gorilla GO Account, a Gorilla GO e-Wallet (“Wallet”) is automatically created. You will get the funds (“GO”) in your Wallet, and unused GO in your Gorilla Go Account will be known as your “GO Balance”. GO can be accumulated in your Wallet by means of:
  1. Topping up with available payment channels in Gorilla Go App.
  2. Transferring of GO from another Sender’s Wallet who has Credit Balance in his/her Wallet.
  3. Receiving rewards or compensation from Gorilla Mobile Singapore.
Credit Balance Restrictions
  1. Withdrawal of GO Balance: Withdrawal of GO Balance is not available in our current Services.
  2. Use of GO Balance: You may use your available GO Balance from Wallet-to-Wallet transfer from your Wallet to another Wallet. You may also pay using your GO Balance in your Wallet to pay for the Services within Gorilla GO App.
  3. Limits:The maximum amount of your GO Balance in your Wallet at any time is limited to Nine Hundred and Ninety-Nine ($999). Amounts received more than this amount will be rejected. Minimal transfer amount of GO Balance from one Wallet to another Wallet is One ($0.0134). Amounts transferred less than this amount will be rejected. A fee is applied when transferring of GO from another Sender’s Wallet who has GO Balance in his/her Wallet.
  4. No interest on GO Balance in Wallet: No interest will be earned in the GO Balance in Wallet.
  5. Negative GO Balance in the Wallet: Negative GO Balance in Wallet is not possible.
  6. Liability for Failure to make Transactions:  Gorilla Mobile may restrict access to your GO Balance, including transactions using your Wallet, temporarily or permanently, if Gorilla Mobile notices suspicious activity about your Wallet. Gorilla Mobile has no liability for restricting access to the GO Balance because of suspected suspicious activity for a maximum period of One Hundred and Eighty (180) days.
  7. GO Balance Expiry in Wallet: There will be NO expiry of unused GO Balance in the Wallet.   
For Gorilla Local Mobile Plans, monthly recurring payments will be via Credit/ Debit Cards. Value Added Services (VAS) can be purchased using our payment partner’s debit/ credit cards and e-wallet such as PayNow, GrabPay, WeChat Pay or AliPay. Payment services may be added or removed from time to time at Gorilla’s discretion. 3. Gorilla GO Apps (Android/ iOS) These specific terms and conditions are for customers who have clicked “SIGN UP” or similar buttons and/or are continuing with the installation or use of any Mobile Application provided by us (“App”). If you do not accept all the terms of these Terms and Conditions, do not proceed to sign up, install or launch the App. Uninstall the App and/or erase all copies of the App under your control or ownership and stored on any medium.
Licence – Refers to the license described in these App Terms and Conditions. Third Party Intellectual PropertyRefers to the copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade names, logo, service marks and other intellectual property or proprietary rights in or available through the App which is not Gorilla Mobile Intellectual Property.
ii.LICENCE Grant of Licence: Subjected to these Terms and Conditions, we hereby grant you a revocable, personal, non-commercial, non-exclusive and non-transferable License to use the App. Scope of Licence: Unless otherwise agreed by us, you are only permitted/allowed to use the App on a single device which is owned by you or under your personal control, for the sole purpose of performing the functions on the App and accessing products, services, contents and/or our Services for your personal, non-commercial use, subject to these Terms & Conditions or unless otherwise permitted by us. Unless set out in these Terms & Conditions or otherwise permitted by us, no other right, licence or permission is granted to you in relation to the App and your use of the App.
iii. USAGE: You are not permitted/allowed to use, download, sync or copy the App other than as permitted by these Terms & Conditions;You are not permitted/allowed torent, lease, lend, sell, redistribute, sub-licence or otherwise transfer the App;You are not permitted/allowed to copy, reproduce, translate, adapt, vary, modify, reverse engineer, disassemble, attempt to derive the source code of or create derivative works of the App or any part of it except only to the extent that the applicable law provides that such cannot be prohibited; You are not to use the App for any unlawful purpose or any other purpose not authorised by these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions shall govern any App updates by us that replace and/or supplement the App, unless such App update is accompanied by separate specific terms and conditions in which case those terms and conditions will govern.
iv.TERMSDuration of Licence: The Licence shall continue unless or until terminated in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, or as agreed by Gorilla. Automatic Termination: The License shall terminate automatically if you fail to abide by any term in these Terms and Conditions. Restriction, Suspension and Termination of Service: We may, at our sole discretion and without any notice to you, restrict, suspend or terminate the Licence and/or the App and any of the products, services, Contents and Services which you may access through the App without assigning any reason. Actions upon Termination: Upon termination of the License, you shall uninstall the App and erase all copies of the App under your control or ownership and stored on any medium.
v. PAYMENTYou are liable for all or any charges and payments for all services, products, Contents and Services procured or obtained through the App.
vi. PROMOTION, SURVEYS AND COMPETITIONFrom time to time, we may run promotions, surveys and competitions via App, subjected to additional terms and conditions. You agree to comply with any of these additional terms and conditions, including any additional third – party terms and conditions, applicable to promotions, surveys and competitions.
vii.THIRD PARTY CONTENT, SERVICES AND PRODUCTSThe App may enable you to access, use or acquire third party contents, services and products.
viii. SECURITYInformation transmitted through the App: We shall not be responsible for the security of information transmitted to and forth, from or through the App. Secure Passwords: You shall use secure passwords to protect any network, account or device used to access the App. Use of passwords deemed by us, in our sole discretion, to be insecure shall be a violation of these Terms and Conditions.
ix.DATA PROTECTION AND USER DATAGorilla Mobile’s Personal Data Protection Policy: You confirm that you have read and agree with our Personal Data Protection Policy set out on our Gorilla Mobile Website. You confirm that if you agree to our Personal Data Protection Policy at any point in time, you will uninstall and/or delete all copies of the App under your control or ownership and stored on any medium. Representations: You confirm that all the information which you have provided in connection with the App or these Terms and Conditions are current, true, accurate, supportable and complete. You agree to inform us immediately of any changes in this information, including but not limited to any changes in your address.
x.INTELLECTUAL PROPERTYContent and Service Providers: You will not acquire any right in any and all third-party Intellectual Property which are vested in any service provider or content provider, and you agree and acknowledge that all such third-party Intellectual Property will remain at all times with the relevant service provider or content provider. Usage of Third – Party Intellectual Property: You will not use or permit the use of any third – party Intellectual Property except for the purposes contemplated by the App or as permitted by the relevant service provider or content provider. Gorilla Mobile’s Consent: You may view and use the Content for personal and non-commercial purposes Only. The Content may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, published, displayed, broadcasted, stored, adapted, licensed, altered, hyperlinked or otherwise used in any manner or by any means without our prior written consent.
xi. LOCATION-BASED AND REAL TIME INFORMATION SERVICES Your Personal Data: To provide location-based and real-time information services or functionalities via the App, we and/or our service providers may collect, transmit and use your precise location and other personal real time data, including your real-time geographic location. You agree to the collection, transmission and use of your location data or other data for the provision of the location-based and real-time information services or functionalities via the App.
xii. THIRD PARTY NETWORKS Third Party terms and conditions: You acknowledge that your use of the App may require access to other networks not owned or operated by us, including the internet and third – party cellular networks. You acknowledge that your access to the App shall be subject to the availability and quality of such third- party networks and any applicable terms and conditions imposed by such third parties in relation to their networks.
4. Gorilla Local Mobile Plans Services    Postpaid Mobile Services1. Basic Terms and Conditions1.1 Applicability: These are a set of terms and conditions which apply to Gorilla Mobile’s SIM Service offering any combination of voice calls, SMS, Mobile data and other Services (for this purpose, the “Services”). 1.2 Gorilla Mobile offers the following Local Mobile Plan: 
SIM-ONLY PLAN (30 Days Cycle)
$25/ month
20GB Local Mobile Data
100 min Local Talktime
100 Local SMS
1.2.1 Subscription Fee: This subscription fee, as well as any other additional Charges that may apply, will be billed to you (monthly or annually), depending on the Subscription Fee, will be charged to you via Credit Card with the Credit Card details you have provided in the Gorilla Go Account Mobile Application.
1.2.2 Additional Charges: In addition to the stipulated Charges (for example, in our applicable brochures, marketing materials or otherwise), other Charges may apply to you, including, but not limited to, the Charges in connection with your SIM and administrative Charges.
1.2.3 Other Local Charges (toll-free etc): There will be additional charges for the following:- (i) the airtime usage for the local -toll free calls (including calls made to 1800- and/or 800-, through the Services); but for (ii) the airtime usage for calls made to premium rate services ( including calls made to 1900 Services) are not available for Gorilla Mobile’s SIM customers.
1.2.4 Records supplied by another Service Provider:  You, at all times, agree that the Charges will be calculated based on records supplied to us by another Service Provider. The Charges will also depend on such Service Provider’s calculation and billing methodology, which will fall outside of our control.
1.3Period of Service
1.3.1 Minimum Period
  1. The minimum period is One (1) month/ Thirty (30) Days Billing Period and there will be no refund given back to the user for early termination.
  2. Local Mobile Plan Add-On: The default minimum period is THIRTY (30) days and it will end when there is no active subscription plan. Do note that you need to maintain an active subscription plan to keep the Local Mobile Plan Add-On active.
1.3.2 Automatic Renewal: To automatically renew your subscription, you will need to have a Credit/Debit Card and insert the credit card details within Gorilla Go Mobile App. The details of the Credit Cards are handled securely and professionally by our Card Payment Processing Partner.
1.3.3 Suspension of Services: In the event that the subscription is not renewed by you, the mobile service will go into suspension. If the subscription is not renewed within the first 30 days, the mobile service will be suspended. Thereafter if no action is taken, the mobile service may be terminated and your mobile number may be forfeited.
1.3.4 Reconnection of Service after Termination: If your mobile service has been terminated, the mobile number will be forfeited and there is no way to guarantee the use of the same number after reconnection.
1.4.1 Usage: When Gorilla Mobile allocates any MSISDNs to you, you will not have any rights to these except for the sole purpose of using the Services in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. You cannot sell or transfer these MSISDNs to anyone else. You cannot apply or try to apply for registration of these MSISDNs as trademarks, whether on their own or together with any word of mark.
1.4.2 Withdrawal or Change: Gorilla Mobile may, for commercial, operational or technical reasons or compliance with any requirement of the relevant Regulatory Authority or other authority, withdraw or change any MSISDNs allocated to you. However, we will endeavour to give you reasonable notice in this event.
1.5Abuse of Services: You should not abuse or misuse the Services offered to you, regardless of whether or not the Services or Mobile Services are paid or free service. All Services are offered for your personal use and not for commercial use. If we determine that you have exceeded your fair usage within a day, specified period or bill cycle as determined by us in our absolute discretion, we reserve the right to: – i. suspend, restrict and/or terminate your access to certain features or your entire Services, Mobile Services and/or Memberships and/or any part thereof, without any liability to you until the end of the affected day, period or bill cycle. ii. charge you at the prevailing rates for your use of the relevant Service, Mobile Service and Membership beyond fair usage.
1.6Handsets and Devices
1.6.1 Suitability on Gorilla Mobile’s Networks: Gorilla Mobile does not warrant the performance or suitability of your handset or device that you intend to use on our Services.
1.6.2 Loss and Theft: If the handset or other equipment which you use to access our Services, or your Gorilla Mobile’s SIM card is lost or stolen, you must contact us within 24 hours. Until you tell us about the loss or theft, you will continue to be responsible for the Charges incurred on the equipment and SIM card, whether you know of it or not.
1.7Change of Gorilla Local Mobile Plan: Post-paid mobile customers can change their Local Mobile Plan subscription if their accounts are not suspended, blacklisted or terminated. The change of Local Mobile Plan subscription can only be done at any period of time. Prorated amount will not be refunded to the customer.
2. Eligibility to sign up for Gorilla Local Mobile Plan Subscription: To sign up for Gorilla Local Mobile Plan, you need to ensure the following: –
2.1 Local Mobile Plan is available for sign up with the following Identification Documents (ID):
(a) For Corporate Individual Subscribers;
NRIC Employment Pass* EntrePass* S Pass* Personalised Employment Pass*
* Pass/ID needs to have a validity period of 6 months. If Pass/ID validity is less than 6 months, a letter from the employer indicating the intent to renew employment from MOM is required. The letter must have letterhead and sign off by the employer of the company
(b) For Company; Our salesperson will follow up with you on the required documents to proceed with the registration.
2.2 For Corporate Individual Subscriber, you must be 21 years old and above to sign up for Local Mobile Plan.
2.3  For Corporate Individual Subscriber, You must not have 5 or more Local Mobile Plans at the same time when applying for the service.
2.4 If you are applying for more than one Local Mobile Plan, your existing services must not be in Suspension status
3. Local Mobile Plan Add-Ons
3.1 Local Data: You are entitled to the allocated 4G Local Data according to the Local Mobile Plan you sign up for. 4G Data is subject to coverage availability and may not be available in certain locations in Singapore. Local Data is consumed on a 10kb basis. Once Local Data is fully consumed, you will not be able to browse the internet or use any other mobile apps that require data connection. Additional Local Data can be purchased in the Gorilla Go App, valid for 30 Days.
3.2 Local Calls: You are entitled to the allocated Local Call Minutes according to the Local Mobile Plan you sign up for. Local Call is charged on a per minute basis. Once Local Call Minutes are fully consumed, you will not be able to make incoming and outgoing calls. Additional Local Call Minutes can be purchased in the Gorilla Go App, valid for 30 Days.
3.3 Local SMS: You are entitled to the allocated Local SMSes according to the Local Mobile Plan you sign up for. If you send more than 160 characters, you will be charged with more than 1 SMS sent. Once your allocated SMSes in the Local Mobile Plan are fully consumed, you will not be able to send SMS out but you will still be able to receive SMS. Additional Local SMSes can be purchased in the Gorilla Go App for 30 Days.
3.4 Roaming: Gorilla Mobile does not offer roaming services for the base Local Mobile Plan.
4. Usage of Gorilla Mobile Local Mobile Plan You agree that you must not use or allow any part of the Mobile Services to be used:
4.1 To advertise, make, transmit, post or solicit abusive, offensive or disturbance calls or any Content (Including Spam, Junk Messages, solicitations) which may be unauthorised, misleading, defamatory, pornographic, offensive, indecent, illegal, or fraudulent;
4.2 To transmit, advertise, post or solicit any product, services, or Contents that contains harmful viruses, trojan horses, cancelbots, or any other harmful, damaging or destructive technology;
4.3 in a manner that could conflict with any law or regulatory requirements;
4.4 to excessively affect Network or Services operations and quality, interfere with other customers access to our Network, or degrade Network performance by maintaining a sustained and continuous wireless data service connection;
4.5 for file sharing software, peer-to-peer (P2P) applications, transfer of excessive amounts of large format files/ documents or any other activities that generate large traffic over the Network;
5.1 Disclaimer
  1. The Gorilla Services are provided “as is” and “as available.” Gorilla Mobile disclaims all representations and warranties, express, implied or statutory, not expressly set out in these terms, including the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.
  2. In addition, Gorilla Mobile makes no representation, warranty, or guarantee regarding the reliability, timeliness, quality, suitability or availability of the Gorilla Platforms or any content, services or goods linked through the use of the Gorilla Platforms, or that the services provided will be uninterrupted or error-free. You agree that the entire risk arising out of your use of the Gorilla Services, and any content service or good obtained in connection therewith, remains solely with you, to the maximum extent permitted under applicable law.
5.2 Limitation of Liability
  1. Gorilla Mobile shall not be liable for indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, punitive or consequential damages, including lost profits, lost data, personal injury or property damage related to, in connection with, or otherwise resulting from any use of the Gorilla Services, even if Gorilla Mobile has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Gorilla Mobile  shall not be liable for any damages, liability or losses arising out of your use of or reliance on the Gorilla Services or your inability to access or use the gorilla services.
  1. The limitations and disclaimer in this section do not purport to limit liability or alter your rights as a consumer that cannot be excluded under applicable law.
5.3 Indemnity You agree to indemnify and hold Gorilla Mobile and its officers, directors, employees and agents harmless from any and all claims, demands, losses, liabilities, and expenses (including legal fees) arising out of or in connection with: (i) your use of the Gorilla Services; or (ii) your breach or violation of any of these T&Cs.
5.4 Force Majeure Gorilla shall not be liable for failures or delays in providing the Gorilla Services arising from any cause beyond its control, including without limitation, acts of God, acts of civil or military authority, fires, strikes, lockouts or labour disputes, epidemics, governmental restrictions, wars, riots, earthquakes, storms, typhoons, floods and breakdowns in electronic and computer information and communications systems.
5.5 Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These T&Cs are subject to the Telecommunications Act (Cap. 323), the Payment Services Act 2019, or any regulations made thereunder and to the terms and conditions of the license(s) granted to Gorilla Mobile under the said Acts.

These T&Cs and any non-contractual obligations arising out of, or in connection with, these T&Cs shall be governed by, and interpreted in accordance with, Singapore law, excluding any conflicts of law rules or principles that might refer any such matter to the laws of another jurisdiction. Any dispute arising from these T&Cs shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Singapore.